Thank you so much for tuning in! I was diagnosed with severe Pulmonary Hypertension four years ago, after having been misdiagnosed for five years. When I was finally diagnosed, I was in heart failure (the right side of my heart was three times its normal size), I was told that I may not have much time left to live, that I may never leave the hospital again and that if I did, chances were that I would have to be on oxygen for the rest of my life! (Not the best news!) 

I had just booked a tour, was about to release my album, and was ready to perform my music around the world when all hell broke loose. Here I am, three years later feeling a zillion (yes, an actual zillion) times better. My pulmonary pressures have gone from 180 to 32. I am so incredibly grateful to be alive! It is my hope that some of the things I've done may be of value to YOU. 

For the past three years, I have utilized five key elements that I believe have played a huge role in my improvement. They are: Nutritional Lifestyle, Exercise, Mindset, Creative Expression and Quality time with Family and Friends. I believe that these key elements have not only allowed for the medication to work when I was told that it most likely wouldn’t (because my PH was so severe) but that they have also allowed me to drastically reduce my meds. I am currently on very low doses of medication and I really don't experience any side effects.

I get so many emails from people asking about nutrition, exercise, how to stay positive when things get difficult...basically wanting to find out what I’m doing.

So I've decided to get very specific. As I always say, I have no idea what could happen to me tomorrow, but I do know that today, I’m a million times better than I was.

I'll be creating recipe videos,  explaining why I eat the foods I eat and how they affect my body, how I order when I go to restaurants, where to eat, ways to exercise with PH, how to travel when you have PH, ways to keep your mind in the right place no matter how difficult things get, and much more. 

I’m not a nutritionist, so all I can do is bring you into my world and share with you what’s helped me in the hopes that it can help you, too. 

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Chloe :-)